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Interior Home Painting

It is very important that you speak with the foreman of the painting company concerning the types of painting products that they are using. Just like when you shop in any home center for paints, there are basic, there are premium, and there are professional grade paints. The price of these paints is not the only difference, it is in the makeup of the paints that affect the estimate and overall cost. When you are looking to just spruce up the interior of the home before selling, your needs may be for just the basic paints in flat, eggshell, or semi gloss. If you just bought the house and want to hide the color already there and make it so it is durable and lasts longer, then a more quality paint is needed.

Exterior Home Painting

Whether you need to hire a professional painting service to transform a home or business, the most important part of the process is when you are discussing the work with the team foreman. Before any work can be done, a price needs to be agreed upon because every location is different and the amount of work could vary. During the free consultation, if you want to get the most accurate estimate for the painting that will be done, it is important to give as many details as to the work that needs to be completed. If the molding needs to be stripped and repainted, now is the time to discuss the fine details.

Top painting service for interior of your property

Top painting service for exterior of your property